Apply for Admission

New Family Registration Packets are due during the open enrollment period: July 15 – August 1

The ACA Registration Packet posted below contains several documents that must completed in order to apply for acceptance into Anniston Christian Academy.

  • ACA Doctrinal Statement
  • Application for Enrollment
  • Church School Enrollment Form
  • Student Registration
  • Proposed Course of Study and Progress Record

The Agreement With Policy Guidelines and Doctrinal Statement however must be signed by one’s Pastor or Elder and does not therefore fall under the electronic signature option.  This form should be mailed or delivered to Anniston Bible Church.

If you have questions regarding any of the packet documents, please contact us.  Documents may also be completed in hard copy and delivered or mailed to the office of Anniston Bible Church.

Registration Packet

Note: Unzipping the files will require a file compression utility such as TinyZip.