Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page will be updated periodically to reflect frequently asked questions.


What is the recommended total number of school days in the state of Alabama?

Local schools have 81 school days during the first semester (Example: August 9, 2016 – December 16, 2016 ), and 93 school days during the second semester (Example: January 4, 2017 – May 25, 2017) for a total of 174 instructional days per year.  Click here to download the local Calhoun County School calendar for reference.

What are ACA Service Hours?

If students participate in service projects, it is helpful to begin recording service hours at the start of school. Summer service hours (prior to the beginning of school) are added to the current year’s record. Keep a record log for each child.  An optional Service Hours Form can be located on the “For ACA Member Families” page.

How do I learn about the various ACA-sponsored events throughout the year?

Information regarding the purpose, rationale, dates, times, locations, role of parents, etc. on each event is in the ACA Handbook and on the website calendarPlease note: When items are not donated or otherwise volunteered, ACA covers the expenses incurred by event sponsors; receipts for expenses should be submitted to an administrator.  A nursery will be provided for the Fall Fair, ACA Christmas Concert, Spring Project Fair and ACA Spring Concert.

Is there a calendar of events, meetings, and celebrations for ACA?

A link to the most up-to-date printable calendar will be located on the website.  ACA Events, Anniston Bible Church Youth Events, and other events recommended by the Planning committee are in the ACA online calendar.

What are the required ACA meetings?

There are only 3 required meetings per year as outlined by ACA Policy: Orientation, First Semester Review and Second Semester Review.  Dates and times for ACA meetings will be on the ACA online calendar.

Is there an electronic grade book available for ACA?

An optional electronic grade-book is available from ACA on the website under “For ACA Member Families”.

What is C.H.E.A.H.A.?

C.H.E.A.H.A. is not a home school covering. It is an optional subscription to a local home school network. “C.H.E.A.H.A. (Christian Home Educators At Heights of Achievement) is a support group for Homeschool Families in Calhoun, Cleburne, Etowah, St. Clair, and Talladega Counties and surrounding areas. We support local coverings by offering field trips, e-newsletters, Blog and Facebook pages, free SAT Testing (student pays for the test – we administer it free to members), discount membership to HSLDA and much more.” Please see the C.H.E.A.H.A. website for more details and membership information.

Where is information on Alabama’s Home School Law?

Information specific to Alabama’s home school legislation is available in the ACA handbook or on

Do ACA students participate in standardized testing as public schools require?

Yes. Each Spring during April ACA students have the opportunity to take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (Form E) at Anniston Bible Church. Grades 3, 6 and 8 are required to take standardized tests as part of ACA’s policy; other grades are optional.

You will receive an e-mail from the coordinator regarding details, cost, schedule, tips, etc. A copy of standardized test results must be on file with ACA for each student.


What about transcripts?

Student transcripts are completed by parents as the student progresses through high school. When transcripts are required for records, college and scholarship applications, etc., the ACA transcript coordintor prints and mails official transcripts for ACA students.

ACA parents, please refer to the “For ACA Member Families” page for information and instructions.

Is academic counseling available through ACA?

No, not on site. Check the HSLDA website for pertinent information regarding guidance for high school home school students.

Can high school students earn service hours?

Yes, begin recording service hours at the start of school; summer hours (prior to the beginning of school) count on the current year’s log. Keep a log for each child.  An optional Service Hours form is available on the “For ACA Member Families” page.

Does ACA offer Driver’s Education classes?

Not directly, but options are available: There are face-to-face classes as well as websites.

Community options through Gadsden State or Coach Butch Wright: 205-424-6482

Where can I get College Entrance information about Applications, Scholarships,  and Entrance Exams (SAT, ACT, etc.)?

Individual family search of sites like: or

Homeschoolers’ College Admissions Handbook: Preparing Your 12-18 Year Old for a Smooth Transition by Cafi Cohen.

What is the ABC Pastoral Internship?

The ABC Pastoral Internship is a summer ministry of Anniston Bible Church.  Overview and Application can be located on the ACA Resources page.


Please provide more information about the high school research paper.

Each Spring at the second semester review in May, secondary students submit a research paper.  The paper follows MLA formatting or a format outlined by the current curriculum materials used by the student.


What do I teach and when?  Help me to understand “scope and sequence”.

ACA has guidelines, not requirements for supporting parents in planning each year’s course of study.

Some helpful guidelines are found in the HSLDA article, “What Should I Be Teaching?”

Are there ACA events for elementary school students?

There are multiple optional ACA events each year; many are focused for the elementary students.  Dates and times for events are located on the ACA Calendar. Please check the ACA Handbook for the event details involving elementary age students.

What are the book report and creative writing requirements for ACA elementary students?

At the first and second semester reviews a book report/creative writing piece is submitted as part of the end of year semester accountability documents for each elementary student.

Creative writing can include an age/ grade appropriate: book report, an original poem, a research report, an autobiography, a series of responses to writing prompts (paragraph starters), short story, etc.

What is the ACA Spring Fling during Testing Week?

After the last day of achievement testing in the spring, ACA provides an end-of-year celebration for ACA students. The date, time and other details will be provided to all ACA families.